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It's time to join the conversation happening on social

Your clients are looking for you on social platforms.

If you’re not there,
you’re missing out. 

Why Social Media Marketing is important

People buy from people they know and trust

Social media (marketing) is a form of communication, it is a two-way conversation between the business and the public. Being part of this conversation takes time and the relationships that come from it take nurturing. Like any relationship, they build over time – increasing in trust with every sincere interaction.
My goal is to keep your social platforms authentic to you and your business, while not taking all of your time.
As a small business owner, the list of things that need your attention can be long, almost endless. There was a day when being active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram was not on your to-do list and that was okay, but we both know that is not the case any longer. According to Brandwatch, there are 1.37 billion daily active users on Facebook (December 2017). Your clients, and future clients, are on Facebook. And some of them are on Twitter, and Instagram, and other social networks, too. If that’s where they are spending some of their free time, then doesn’t it make sense for you to meet them there? I can help you not only meet your clients on social, but do it intentionally, authentically, and efficiently.  


How we can work together

At this point, I hope you took note that I said we could work together. I caution you against working with any social media manager who says that they can just do it all for you. I feel that authenticity is so crucial to social, just as it is in any relationship, that you, as the business owner, must always be at least minimally active in your social media platforms. The details – the daily posting, most of the interactions, responding to reviews – yes, I can do those for you if we have worked together enough so I know the voice and persona of your business. (This is the reason that I only work with a few clients at a time.)

Linked In is the place to connect with your professional clients

Your LinkedIn personal profile and company page both need to be maximized to position you as an expert.

Facebook reaches current and potential clients

Facebook is where a lot of people spend some of their free time. This is the place to put forth the personality of your business.

Is Twitter relevant to your business?

Twitter is the perfect platform to join in the conversation about current topics of interest to your clients.

Should you be on Instagram

The relevance of Instagram to your business depends a lot on the demographics of your clients.

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